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Wicklow Golf Club

**Note**: Booking a tee time at this club is a **request**, we will confirm the booking with Wicklow Golf Club. --- Wicklow Golf Club, with its origins tracing back to the early 20th century, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the game, evolving gracefully over the decades since its inception in 1904. This venerable institution, set against the rugged beauty of Ireland's east coast, offers golfers not just a game, but an experience, enriched by the breathtaking vistas of the Wicklow Mountains and the expansive sweep of Wicklow Bay. Its 18-hole cliff top layout presents a landscape where the boundary between land and sea blurs, creating an environment where each stroke is accompanied by the symphony of nature's best. The course itself, a harmonious blend of parkland soil and a quintessentially links feel, stretches just over 6000 yards from the back tees, making it accessible yet challenging for golfers of all skill levels. With each hole uniquely crafted to offer a fresh challenge, the course is a masterclass in design, requiring precision and strategy over sheer power. The journey through the course is a narrative of its own, punctuated by landmark holes like the “Pebble Beach” at the 6th and the demanding “The Glen” at the 17th, which test both the golfer's skill and resolve, rewarding those who approach the game with thoughtfulness and respect. Completing the experience at Wicklow Golf Club, the clubhouse, inaugurated in 2002, stands as a modern testament to the club's commitment to providing an exceptional environment for relaxation and camaraderie among members and guests alike. Offering mesmerizing views of the coastline, the lounge bar and restaurant serve as the perfect setting to recount the day's play or to simply soak in the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape. The clubhouse, with its blend of hospitality and scenic backdrop, underscores the essence of Wicklow Golf Club – a place where the spirit of golf is celebrated, and memories are made, amidst the magnificence of nature.



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