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Son Antem Golf

Step onto the verdant, embracing greens of Son Antem Golf, a mesmerizing oasis of relaxation, recreation, and passion located in the haven of Llucmajor, Spain. A landscape that strikes a sublime equilibrium between human design and nature's inspiration, this prodigious golf course sits amidst the emblematic beauty of the Balearic Islands, functioning as a sanctuary that every golf enthusiast should discover. Vines of history, alongside a vibrant spirit of challenge and fun, are intertwined within the very soul of Son Antem Golf, creating an enchanting atmosphere that pulsates with promise of a stirring game. In the intriguing dance of golfer against nature, two exemplary courses welcome both the seasoned players and the novices. The West Course, a challenging specimen, infuses a daring spirit into each swing, a combination of narrow fairways, menacing water hazards and the native vegetation of Mallorca demanding expert precision and strategy. In contrast, the East Course, with softer contours and wide fairways, is a welcoming suit for beginners and intermediates, yet luring the professionals with strategically placed water hazards and bunkers. Playing at Son Antem Golf, whether it's testing your mettle against the complicated West or savoring the forgiving charm of the East, is not just a game, it's a transcendent journey. Completing your Golf soiree at Son Antem is an exquisite ensemble of post-golf amenities. Golf enthusiasts can relax and relive their winning shots in the stylish clubhouse that skilfully combines modern comfort with rustic charm. And culinary adventurers can explore the sumptuous flavors of local and international cuisines at the resident "El Olivar" restaurant. With wellness treatments at the onsite spa and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural and cultural charms of Llucmajor, Son Antem Golf ceaselessly strives to crown your golfing experience with essence of the Mediterranean.





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