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Sölvesborgs Golfklubb

Drenched in the essence of a striking coastal city, Sölvesborgs Golfklubb stands beautifully located in the vibrant city of Sölvesborg, Sweden. Founded in the late eighties, the club successfully executes the dual charm of urban proximity and seaside allure, providing an idyllic retreat for golf enthusiasts. The dedication and passion towards constant enhancement of the courses and structures resonate in the environment, propelling the club to score high in numerous rankings over the years, and earning prestigious awards including the coveted title of "Golf Club of the Year" in 2018 by Golfjournalisterna. A golfing experience at Sölvesborgs Golfklubb is like creating a symphony with nature's serene backdrop. Designed by Sune Linde, the golf architect's attention to detail is evident in the uniqueness imbibed in the course design. The courses beautifully amplify the stunning vistas, the crisp coastal breeze, and the lush green terrain. Each hole presents its own challenge, making every swing a new adventure. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or novice player, the golf courses cater to diverse skill levels, promising a distinct and revolutionary golfing experience. Being nestled in a rich cultural and beautiful natural setting, Sölvesborgs Golfklubb offers more than just golf. After a satisfying game, indulge the senses in the cozy club cafe, where delicious culinary delights complement the greenery outside. For the environmentally conscious, the club's commitment to environmental causes—recognized by Sölvesborgs kommun's environmental prize—is a refreshing feature. The atmosphere contributes to the overall enriching experience at the club, that blurs the line between golfing and a nature retreat. Come and experience the refreshing universe of golf at Sölvesborgs Golfklubb.


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