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Samanah Golf & Country Club

**Note:** Booking a tee time at this club is a **request**, we will confirm the booking with Samanah Country Club. --- Samanah Golf & Country Club, located near the vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco, emerges as a beacon of golfing excellence, drawing players into its 300-hectare estate that boasts a sweeping panorama of the Atlas Mountains. Conceived by the revered Nicklaus Design, the club provides an unparalleled golfing journey across more than 100 hectares dedicated to the noble game. Renowned for its international acclaim and a recipient of the coveted International Golf Development of the Year award, Samanah stands as the first foray of Nicklaus Design into Moroccan terrain, promising a golfing adventure steeped in luxury, challenge, and scenic beauty. The club's cornerstone, an 18-hole par 72 course, stretches across 6,800 meters of meticulously crafted fairways and greens, upholding the stringent standards of the USGA. Designed to accommodate golfers at every level, Samanah's course is an ode to the strategic player, with intelligently laid out hazards and contours that challenge one's tactical acumen rather than purely demanding distance. Signature holes, such as the audaciously short par four 6th and the visually arresting par three 8th, offer a diverse and engaging round, complemented by the practice facilities that cater to every aspect of the game, from the short game to precision driving, ensuring a rewarding experience for beginners and seasoned golfers alike. Beyond the greens, Samanah Golf & Country Club wraps its guests in a cocoon of Moroccan luxury and hospitality. The clubhouse, inspired by the storied walls of Marrakech, invites players to unwind in an ambiance that blends traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with the comfort of modern amenities. With a dining experience that captures the essence of local and international cuisine, the Mulligan Restaurant's terrace offers a breath-taking view of the course against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. Whether indulging in post-game reflections at the bar, exploring the comprehensive pro-shop, or taking advantage of the world-class coaching at the David Leadbetter Academy, every visit to Samanah is embedded with memories of excellence, challenge, and the warm embrace of Moroccan hospitality.





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