Örnsköldsviks Golfklubb Puttom

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Örnsköldsviks Golfklubb Puttom

In the picturesque Swedish district of Arnäsvall lies the enchanting Örnsköldsviks Golfklubb Puttom, a golf club brimming with charm and rich traditions, calling to every avid golfer. Founded in 1967 with over four decades of golfing legacy, the club ranks as the 106th in Sweden, a testament to its revered place in the nation's golf history. Nestled in the storied lands of Puttom, referenced as early as the 18th century, the golf club is set in an idyllic location framed by the rugged northern beauty and the reflective waters of the majestic lakes, Lill-Rössjön and Stor-Rössjön. A sanctuary for the zealous golfer and beginners, Örnsköldsviks Golfklubb Puttom is proud of its outstanding 18-hole course. This beautifully designed course, an imaginative fusion of woodland and parkland, elegantly winds around Lill-Rössjön and Stor-Rössjön, offering unforgettable rounds of play. Ingeniously laid out in a four-leaf clover pattern, the course design enables players to pass through the clubhouse area four times in an 18-hole game, promoting an unparalleled blend of socialization and relaxation alongside the challenge of the sport. Örnsköldsviks Golfklubb Puttom takes a comprehensive approach to the game, offering far more than just a round of golf. Players finishing their game can look forward to an excellent dining experience in the on-site restaurant, where they can indulge in fine Swedish culinary delights against a backdrop of panoramic views of the course. Additionally, the club features a fully equipped golf shop, stocking everything from premium golf accessories to fashionable athletic wear. This harmonious combination of captivating golf, top-notch hospitality, and genuine scenery ensures a memorable golfing adventure that draws both seasoned players and novices back time and again.


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