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Mölle Golfklubb

Mölle Golfklubb, situated at the tip of the Kullahalvön peninsula in Sweden, is a gem carved out of one of Europe's most eye-catching nature reserves. Surrounded by the expanse of Öresund to the west and the majesty of Kattegatt to the north, this remarkable golf club provides an exceptional mix of exceptional golfing and immersion into pristine natural landscapes. With an historic 18-hole course that dates back to 1943, Mölle invites seekers of beauty, charm and remarkable game-play to enjoy tee times ranging from dawn's break at 06:30 until 20:00. The 5,292-meter long golf course, while not the longest, more than makes up for it with its challenging features. Whoever said size matters hasn't played at Mölle. The course, designed by renowned course architect Ture Bruce, boasts of undulating fairways, rather small greens, and beautiful coastal views from most holes that seamlessly mesh with an array of diverse natural landscapes and wildlife in the adjacent Kullaberg nature reserve. The course was built in harmony with its surroundings without the use of heavy machinery, an ode to environmental devotion and ingenious design. Even the most skilled golfer will find a wonderful test of their mettle here at Mölle. After an invigorating round of golf, players can unwind at the inviting club house and soak up the sun on its terrace, savoring a sumptuous lunch with a cold beer or glass of wine. Only a few steps away from the first tee, at just 75 meters, sits the cozy and authentic inn- Kullagårdens Wärdshus, standing as a perfect accommodation option. Further afield, the quaint fishing village of Mölle invites visitors to meander through its narrow streets adorned with beautiful villas, vibrant harbor and an array of cafes, restaurants and small shops. Mölle Golfklubb is more than a golf experience; it is an immersion into the rich fabric of Sweden’s untouched beauty.


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