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Mauritzbergs Slott & Golf

Exuding a charm fit for royal play, Mauritzbergs Slott & Golf is a haven for golf enthusiasts nestled in the heart of Vikbolandet, Sweden. This premier golf club gracefully juxtaposes the lavishness of a 400-year-old castle against the rugged beauty of the Swedish wilderness. Only 30km east of Norrköping and with a dazzling view of the Bråviken fjord, the merging of nature's raw magnificence and the elegance of the historic manor house will definitely take your breath away. Overlooking the sea, the immaculately groomed 18-hole golf course, hotel, real estate, and private marina all contribute to the allure of this enchanting golf resort. The captivating 18-hole golf course is a marvelous medley of both parkland and woodland design, garnering popularity with each passing year. The unique and varied characters of the golf holes are all seamlessly woven into the shimmering lakes and woody brush of its pristine natural surroundings. With each stroke, you encounter an exciting challenge, heightened by the presence of ponds and watercourses dotting the greenery. Built using the latest technologies, the superbly maintained course, greens, as well as the meticulous drainage system, offers golfers an extended season to indulge in a golfing experience simply unparalleled in Sweden. The golf complex also boasts an excellent practice area complete with a driving range and several greens and bunkers to refine your short game before hitting the course. The allure and thrill of Mauritzbergs Slott & Golf does not end with the last hole. It transcends to the extravagant accommodations and post-golf activities. The magnificent castle rooms exude grandeur and sophistication, each adorned with luxurious furnishings and equipped with modern amenities. Homely and modern villines located just a short walk away, additionally offer an idyllic getaway for groups of golfers. The radiant morning sun invites you to enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet that fills you up for your day on the course. Come evening, unwind in the plush ambiance of the castle restaurant, indulge in a sumptuous dinner, and reminisce about the day's endeavours. Mauritzbergs Slott & Golf further offers tennis, sauna facilities, and invigorating swimming or sailing escapades in the fjord, bringing completion to your unforgettable golfing vacation.


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