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Kallfors Golf

Kallfors Golf, located a modest ten kilometers north of Järna, and just south of Södertälje, is a golfer's paradise characterized by the raw beauty and tranquility of nature. This breathtaking 27-hole course stretches across an expansive Scandinavian terrain, surrounded by the majestic harmony of towering pine and birch trees. Gracefully integrated into the landscape, Kallfors Golf invites players to experience the marriage of leisure and challenge and possesses an inherent charm that calls both local golfers and those from afar seeking an elevated golfing experience. Kallfors’ 18-hole course is a captivating spectacle of strategic prowess, presenting high tees, stunning vistas, and divergent challenges. Extending 4,700-6,400 meters depending on the chosen tee, this par-72 course is imbued with sweeping ruffs and inviting water features that blend heart-stopping drama and serene beauty seamlessly. Players are treated to a satisfying dimension of elevation changes and distance considerations. Each hole features a unique personality, such as the intriguing 4th, asserting its place within the player's memory and contributing to an unforgettable golf journey. This course, once the stage of the Swedish professional tour finals (formerly called the SAS Masters Tour), is an exhibit of golfing excellence, having been praised highly by professional players. Beyond the greens, Kallfors Golf offers a comprehensive and delightful after-play ambiance, centered around the guest-facing culinary wonder - Kallfors Kök. The restaurant nestles itself within the complex, promising an unmatched hospitality experience, having established a reputation as the automatic choice for golfers and local population alike. The guiding philosophy here is to create a 'second living room', characterized by a relaxed environment, where everyone is treated to hearty cuisine and a warm, homely atmosphere. Kallfors also offers charming and comfort-filled accommodation, perpetuating the theme of tranquil leisure found within every corner of this golfer's haven. The familial atmosphere that constitutes the ethos of Kallfors Golf ensures an immersive, holistic, and delightful golfing experience from start to finish.


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