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Gumbalde Resort

Gumbalde Resort in Stånga, Sweden, is a newly renovated golf club and an epitome of the luxurious and classic ‘resort style’ that golfers all over the world cherish. Designed by the iconic Pierre Fulke, the club exudes an air of exclusivity and refinement combined with the comforting spirit of Scandinavian simplicity. Scenic in its locality, enveloped by stunning landscapes of south-east Gotland, it's imbued with the tranquil ambiance of the countryside. The spirit of this place is found in the joy of both golf and the resort lifestyle it propagates, with a strong belief that happiness lies both on and off the greens. Its 18-hole course, redesigned with an investment close to 45 million Kronor, advocates for a fantastic mix of holes that are both challenging and entertaining. A testament to Pierre Fulke's golfing philosophy, this course is executed with such finesse that players of all skill levels can find enjoyment and growth in their sport. Each hole is meticulously designed to push the boundaries of play and tease one's strategy while ensuring the subtleties of the game remain intact. The resultant course is not just visually appealing, but also creates a stimulating and evolving playground for all golf lovers. Beyond the course, Gumbalde Resort manifests the full resort experience. The resort's centre hosts a restaurant housed in a beautiful limestone building originating from the 17th-century, serving delicacies crafted with care and love, with ingredients sourced locally, inspired by Southern European and traditional Swedish cuisine. The retail space offers a tastefully curated selection of golfing apparel and gear from renowned brands such as Cobra, Titleist, and Ping, with experienced custom fitting services. On arriving guests will find the charming accommodation warmed by tones and hues of harmony and equipped with all necessary amenities. Guests are treated to comfortable Swedish quality Hilding and Aya beds, a delightful breakfast buffet, and stunning surroundings to explore at a leisurely pace. The post-game experience at Gumbalde Resort, truly embodies the spirit of luxury, relaxation, and golfing joy.


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