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Dalmilling Golf Club

**Note**: Booking a tee time at this club is a **request**, we will confirm the booking with Dalmilling Golf Club. --- Dalmilling Municipal Golf Course, a gem in the United Kingdom's golfing landscape, offers aficionados an engaging round of golf amid the scenic outskirts of Ayr. Opened in 1961, this 18-hole parkland treasure presents a layout deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of its locale, intertwining the spirit of Scottish golf with the heritage of Robert Burns. Lying between the renowned racecourse and the A77, the course’s ambiance is distinctly inviting, blending the call of nature with the lore of the land, providing players not just a game, but an experience steeped in culture and beauty. Each swing and putt at Dalmilling are underscored by the course’s unique design and landscape. With the River Ayr and its tributary burns cradling the southern end, especially notable at the enchanting sixth hole, golfers face a delightful mix of challenges and scenic beauty. The course, stretching 5,686 yards with a par of 69, is thoughtfully laid out to engage players of all levels, promising a game that is as brisk as it is satisfying. Here, amid the whispers of Burns Country, the spirit of golf is alive, inviting players to traverse a valley of lush greenery, water hazards, and the siren call of history. Beyond the greens, Dalmilling enriches the golfer’s journey with a wealth of activities and sights. The immediate area brims with attractions, from sandy beaches and castle ruins to the prestigious neighboring golf courses and cultural sites paying homage to Scottish lore and poetry. Golfers and non-golfers alike can immerse themselves in local life, cuisine, and the natural beauty of Ayrshire. With the added allure of discounted Golf Passes, the promise of an engaging, satisfying day extends well beyond the final hole. Dalmilling Municipal Golf Course not only invites players to enjoy a game but to weave themselves into the fabric of a region rich with history, culture, and natural splendor.





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