Braid Hills Golf Course

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Braid Hills Golf Course

**Note:** Booking a tee time at this club is a **request**, we will confirm the booking with Braid Hills Golf Course. --- Braid Hills Golf Course, steeped in the rich tapestry of golfing history, is a highland treasure located in the enchanting capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. The course has been honored by the footprints of legends like James Braid and Tommy Armour, and on its hallowed fairways, one can feel the resonance of their playing spirit. Encircled by magnificent vistas of the Pentland Hills and a sweeping panorama of Edinburgh's iconic skyline that stretches to the Firth of Forth, the sheer ambiance of Braid Hills is its first invitation to lovers of golf and the outdoors, a beautiful intersection of tranquility and inspiration. When it comes to the sport itself, Braid Hills offers a distinctive golfing challenge. The golf course has been cleverly designed to make the most of the natural contours of its location. The native gorse bushes that adorn the course not only add a beautiful burst of color but also act as natural obstacles for golfers of all abilities, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game. Each hole offers its own unique trials and rewards, with varied distances, terrain, and wind conditions pushing players to utilize every club in their bag. Golfers come away with a sense of satisfaction and a yearning to return, only testament to the unmatchable adventure that Braid Hills offers. Completing a round at Braid Hills is not just about the sport, but also the holistic golfing experience. After relishing in the challenges of the greens, golfers can unwind and reminisce about their game at the welcoming facilities. The club offers stunning post-golf amenities that celebrate the romantic Scottish spirit with a warm atmosphere, delightful local cuisine, and a selection of local and international drinks. The overall ambiance exudes a comfortable blend of tradition and modernity, where one can feel the legacy of golfing legends while enjoying contemporary comforts. To visit Braid Hills is not just to play golf but to immerse oneself in a Scottish golfing experience that blends sporting challenge, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.




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