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Blairgowrie Golf Club

**Note**: Booking a tee time at this club is a **request**, we will confirm the booking with Blairgowrie Golf Club. --- Blairgowrie Golf Club, positioned in the heart of the stunning Perthshire countryside, embodies the rich tapestry of golfing prestige in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1889 and serving as a beacon of tradition and excellence, Blairgowrie has become synonymous with championship golf amidst an ambiance of unrivaled natural beauty. The club's foundation on the principals of golfing purity and camaraderie has allowed it to evolve gracefully, maintaining an atmosphere that is as welcoming as it is challenging for golf enthusiasts. Its storied history, coupled with a location that flaunts the grandeur of the Grampian Mountains, sets a backdrop that captures the spirit and essence of Scottish golf. Blairgowrie's allure is significantly heightened by its collection of courses, among which the Rosemount and Lansdowne stand as its championship offerings, complemented by the engaging Wee course. The Rosemount, with a design lineage that includes golf architecture luminaries Dr. Alister MacKenzie and James Braid, offers an inland golfing experience that is both scenic and strategic. Known as the proving grounds for Greg Norman's inaugural professional victory, this course exudes a unique character through its heather-lined fairways and meticulously designed greenspaces that challenge and reward in equal measure. Similarly, the Lansdowne course, crafted by the renowned duo of Peter Allis and Dave Thomas, presents a different set of challenges with its emphasis on precision amid the natural corridors of pine and silver birch, hosting notable competitions and further elevating Blairgowrie's repute as a premier golfing destination. Venturing beyond the golfing challenge, Blairgowrie Golf Club ensures each visit is memorable with its array of amenities and a welcoming clubhouse that underwent a significant refurbishment in 2004. After a day spent navigating the compelling intricacies of its courses, members and guests are invited to relax and reminisce over their game within the elegant and comfortable surroundings of the clubhouse. Whether it's savoring a meal, discussing the day's triumphs and tribulations, or simply enjoying the serene Perthshire views, the club's facilities complement the exceptional golfing experience. This seamless integration of premier golf and exemplary service makes Blairgowrie not just a destination for golf but a haven where the spirit of the game is lived and cherished, beckoning golfers to return time and again.





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