Unveiling our summer update: Dive deeper into the world of golf clubs

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Amanda Bjursten


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As summer flourishes, bringing sunny days and lush fairways, we're proud to unveil our summer update. Designed to provide a holistic perspective on your golfing journey, this update introduces a club-centric approach, enhanced booking functionalities, and a more intuitive search experience.

Here's a detailed look into the enhancements we've incorporated into Fade's latest update.

An all-encompassing club page

With golf being so much more than just the course, our newly curated Club Page offers a comprehensive view of your potential golfing destinations. Dive deep into the unique ethos and history of each club. Discover the diverse amenities that wait beyond the golf course – from exquisite restaurants to top-notch training facilities. For those clubs that boast multiple courses, we've made it effortless to navigate and gain insights into each of them.

  • Club insights: Detailed descriptions to explore the essence of each club.
  • Amenities overview: Delve into offerings beyond the course – restaurants, training facilities, and more.
  • Multiple courses insight: Effortlessly explore clubs that house more than one course.
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New club screen

Enhanced booking and refined search experience

Aligning with our transition to a club-centric approach, our search and autocomplete functionalities now guide you towards clubs, offering a broader perspective on what awaits. Our new "My Bookings" tab ensures you have instant access to all your reservations, and the redesigned profile page provides a sleek, user-friendly experience.

  • Club-Centric Search: Discover entire clubs and their offerings.
  • My Bookings: All your reservations in one dedicated space.
  • Revamped Profile: A more intuitive and sleeker design.

Additional app enhancements

Our continuous pursuit for perfection means enhancing the details:

  • Explore courses differently with our new map styles and easily switch views from the Profile tab.
  • Our new translations ensure more golf enthusiasts can navigate in their preferred language.
  • Make the app truly yours with new screens for profile settings, offering extensive personalization options.
  • Prioritizing your comfort, we've shifted the free-text search option to a more accessible location.
  • Enhance your browsing with an improved image loading state and an aesthetically pleasing new fallback image for consistency.
  • Easily discern if a booking is for 18 or 9 holes before making your reservation, ensuring clarity every step of the way.
  • Revel in the polished look and feel with minor design tweaks, giving you a visually enriched experience.

Our commitment to excellence also translates into ensuring technical precision. With this summer's update, experience fewer interruptions and smoother operations, as we've meticulously fixed bugs, ensuring your journey with us is as seamless as ever.

We've taken strides to more closely align with your golfing needs. As we transition from focusing on courses to embracing the whole club experience, we're excited to bring you closer to the entirety of the golfing world. Enjoy the game, enjoy the club, and let our app be your perfect golf companion this summer.