Stepping into summer: Introducing a series of enhanced features for your golfing journey

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Amanda Bjursten


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As we approach the summer golfing season, we've been hard at work refining and enhancing our platform to ensure every interaction you have with our app elevates your golfing experience. Your feedback has been invaluable, and this update is a testament to that.

Here's a detailed look into the enhancements we've incorporated into Fade's latest update.

Swift and simple registration & login

Ease of access, security, and swiftness define our digital age. We're excited to announce support for social login via Google and Apple. With this, you're only a few taps away from unlocking your golfing adventure. Furthermore, for those signing up via email, our improved email verification ensures a quick onboarding. No more manually entering codes, just click on a link and you're in!

  • Social logins: Seamlessly access with Google (on both platforms) and Apple (exclusive to iOS).
  • Click-through link: Swift email verification without manual code entry.
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Login & registration screen

Elevate your booking experience

Our booking experience has been given a fresh facelift, making it stylish, simple, and more informative. Dive deep into the terrains with our new interactive map feature that allows for an enriched exploration of golf courses. Plus, if you're planning a session with friends, our new booking code feature lets you share golfing adventures with ease.

  • Interactive golf map: Visualize and explore nearby courses with ease.
  • Redesigned booking interface: Modern, streamlined, and user-friendly.
  • Booking code addition: Effortlessly join friends' bookings using unique codes.
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Map view of search

General app refinements

Our continuous pursuit for perfection means enhancing the details:

  • General improvements for a heightened in-app journey.
  • Bug fixes to ensure you have a glitch-free experience.

Dive in and explore these new features. We're excited for you to experience the enhancements and, as always, value your feedback. Happy golfing!