Refined club explorations: Interactive, informative, and immersive

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Amanda Bjursten


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With every stride we take, it's to ensure you get the most out of every tee-off, every swing, and every hole. This update doesn't just make tweaks – it refines, redefines, and reimagines the way you experience and explore clubs. Delve into a club screen that's more interactive, informative, and immersive than ever before.

Here's a detailed look into the enhancements we've incorporated into Fade's latest update.

Mastering the club experience

Golf is as much about the experience off the green as it is on it. The club screen is your gateway to exploring, understanding, and getting the most out of each golfing destination. This update brings with it a more refined and immersive way to delve into the heart of each club. Swipe through captivating hero images, pinpoint locations with expandable maps, or get intrigued by clubs that are close by. Dive deeper with detailed course insights – from knowing the "par" to understanding the course type. Sharing your discoveries or smoothly navigating through has never felt this intuitive, thanks to new animations and sharing capabilities.

  • Vivid club visuals: Delve deep into the club's essence through a series of high-quality images.
  • Recommendations: Unearth other nearby club gems based on your current exploration.
  • Curated categories: Understand the club's prestige and listing among our specially curated categories.
  • Course Showcase: A fresh and comprehensive display of a club's courses with essential details.
  • Map Insights: Easily locate with an expandable map showcasing the club's exact location.
  • Effortless Sharing: Bring your friends into your discovery journey with easy sharing options.
  • Course Specifics: Grasp the "par" and type of each course, enriching your knowledge and anticipation.
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New club screen

Additional app enhancements

  • Dedicated Map View for Lists and Categories: Navigate through our lists or categories, and effortlessly switch to a map view that exclusively showcases the clubs within your selected list or category.
  • Intuitive list design: Dive into our elegantly redesigned and user-friendly lists.
  • Seamless transitions: Flow effortlessly from bookings directly to the club screen.