Golfer Sweden and the Swedish Golf Federation refine their collaboration for 2024

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Amanda Bjursten


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Since 2018, the Swedish Golf Federation has licensed the booking service operating under the brand MG Booking. A digital booking app that most Swedish golfers have used to schedule their tee times. In December, the existing partnership is refined and enters a new form of collaboration that better aligns with both parties' visions for the future.

Golfer Sweden launched its golf booking service in 2017 with the goal of simplifying and digitizing golf booking in Sweden. Together with the Swedish Golf Federation, which has licensed the application under the name MG Booking since 2018, Swedish golf has developed and is now at the forefront compared to the rest of Europe. In December, the existing collaboration enters a new phase, with Golfer Sweden becoming independent and thus getting closer to the global golf booking app Fade, which they also offer to the market.

We see this development of our partnership with the Swedish Golf Federation very positively. It means new opportunities for both of us. For Golfer Sweden, it means that we can refine our global booking service Fade and create even better golf experiences in the Swedish market, says Carl Arnetz, CEO of Golfer Sweden.

With a launch in June 2023, Fade now offers its 12,000 international users access to over 1000 golf courses in more than 30 countries, and the user base continues to steadily increase. With the development in the Swedish market, Fade will now also offer booking for Swedish golf courses. This is another step closer to Golfer Sweden's vision of simplifying golf travel and meeting all the golfer's needs. The Swedish Golf Federation will develop a new service that will be launched ahead of the 2024 season.